Product Design Practices that work

In the quest for wanting to be unique, innovators and designers encounter challenges at the starting point and early stages of the process of creating designs for new products. It is a fact that many lucrative designs end up a disappointment because the designer hasn’t mastered some basic principles. Although there is no defined formula, the following are some basic tips that will help increase your odds and make sure you make relevant designs. Don’t forget, to fail to plan is to plan to fail.


This is usually the first step in every great innovative design. Sometimes, it could be an intuitive impression, but many times, you have to take time to observe certain process and problems. It doesn’t always have to be a problem. It could be a natural process that just needs a little modification to make things easier for humans or more interesting. This should lead you to thinking of a way out or to picture a design.


Observation may not always be the first step. You might want to improve on an already existing product and fashion your own design. Depending on the type of product, you can sit in your home with your computer or go out to make research that is relevant to your idea.  Research should go as far as history, startup capital estimate, the relevance of your brand and the success of similar brands in the market.

Study the market

Your product will have a target audience. It is your responsibility to find out how it works.  Having a research team is encouraged as you can’t be proficient in all fields. The taste of the consumers, how they will react or how they have reacted to similar products and how it can easily be disseminated are factors to consider.

Develop and protect your design

Designing a prototype that is very close to what you proposed is what you want to do. Take your time to develop the concept using recent methods and techniques. Be unique; your concept must satisfy the problems while being as simple as possible. As said earlier, it is advised that you rely on a research team. 911innovation Inc. offers research and business intelligence at Then, protect your design. This step is as simple as it is important. It is necessary that a new product is registered with the designer and that its uniqueness and functions are preserved to prevent logical property theft.

Market and distribute

Selecting the right focus group and the market section is very important. There are places that will favor your brand, and you might want to market there. This study should be done by professional groups if possible.